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You’ve just concluded a successful conference, and it was an amazing time. You spread the word about your company and its offerings, exhibited your expertise and knowledge, and built your brand. You forged connections with new people and generally had a great time. Now is your chance to take that experience and transform it into a blog post that further drives success. How, though? Actually, it’s not all that difficult. We’ll walk you through what you should know below.


Conference List

One idea for a successful conference-related blog post is to create a list of the events you’ll be attending. List the event name, location, date, and the booth where you’ll be located. Post that on your website, and make sure to share it through social media, as well, so that your fans and followers can plan to attend.


Create a To-Do List

If you’re in a B2B industry and you’ll be attending a conference or trade show, why not share your experience to help others plan for the same event? Successful event attendance can be tricky, requires a lot of planning, and isn’t something that every company will attain. Take the time to detail your process, the hardware, signage, and giveaways that worked best for you, and generally, how you went about ensuring that your experience was successful.


Live Blog It

If you have the time (or enough team members to free up your time), you can consider liveblogging a conference event. Liveblogging is a bit like live-tweeting or live streaming – it’s raw, unpolished, and in the moment. It can also give you excellent content for your blog, social media channels, and other digital marketing methods.


Talk about What Excites You

Yes, your audience knows that you’re excited to attend to build your brand and connect with others, but what other companies in attendance excite you? What speakers are you most looking forward to hearing? Create a blog post detailing what excites you about an upcoming show, and then write a follow-up blog that details your experiences.


Create a Conference Guide

One excellent tip to help you gain more traction at the conference is to publish a guide for attendees. Select specific speakers and events to highlight and then create a blog post surrounding them. This works best if you are speaking or putting on a demo, and allows you to slide your own appearance into the guide to boost attendance.


Highlight Upcoming Trends

Trade shows, conferences, and other industry events are great ways to get an idea of upcoming trends and how they’re going to affect the landscape. After attending a conference, create a blog post about the trends that you noticed and how they are going to affect the industry, your customers, your business, and more.


Write a Personal Note

Another option is to go a bit personal. What did you learn at the event? What information made you re-evaluate a personal stance on an industry-related topic? Was there a speaker or demonstration that made you change your mind about a particular technology, technique, or topic? Do you now see something in your industry in a different light? Share it with your audience.


There are so many ways that you can turn your event experience into blogging success and even build additional traction through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. From creating a blog post from your personal perspective to positioning your business as an expert on the future of your industry, there’s so much that is possible.

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