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If it is time to think about thesis binding, it’s also time to explore your options. While you will need to comply with your university’s requirements, there are lots of choices that remain to be made.


Hard Bound: This is the hard case traditional method, this method is a good choice. It looks and feels professional for university and college standards.

  • Black covers
  • Navy blue covers
  • Burgundy covers 

with gold or silver foil print as an option.


Soft Bound: A soft bound thesis can offer additional cost savings while still providing you with a professional-looking binding. However, note that some university requirements disallow soft covers covers thermal and wire bound styles.


Wire Binding:  this method uses a wire to hold the pages together with a clear plastic cover see through and selected colour board backing. Each page is individually punched, and then the wire is snaked through, securing all the pages and allowing for easy turning fully over and allows lie flat if fully opened , very much a standard in all colleges and universities.


Thermal Binding: Thermal binding offers a clear plastic front cover and card backing board, and can be completed very quickly. Hot glue is used to adhere the thesis pages into the tape spine, and you may be more familiar with this format as fastback.


These are the thesis binding options available to you. Feel free to contact us to explore these and other choices to get a professional, high-quality, printed, and bound thesis.

What you need to know
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