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Attending a conference or trade show can be an excellent way to make new connections in your industry and to get your products or services in front of new potential clients or customers.

However, you need to bring more to the table (quite literally) than just what your company has to offer. You’ll be in competition with every other company at the event for attendees’ attention, and it’s important that you’re able to remain front of mind even after they’ve left your booth.

Giveaways can do that and more. Of course, not all giveaway items offer the same appeal and traction, so you must make informed decisions to maximise ROI and success. Which are the best products to give away at a conference or tradeshow?



Pins, badges, and the like can be fun, but they can also work as a mark of honour for attendees. Emblazon them with your logo or a slogan, and help to build brand visibility for a very affordable cost.



If you’ve ever attended an event where you were required to show a badge or pass to gain entrance to the show, you know how challenging it can be to carry that badge with you. Lanyards offer a simple, easy way to do that. Plus, lanyards used as giveaway items can be branded with your company name and logo, offering visibility for your company, while still being fun and useful for event attendees.



Few garments are as popular and ubiquitous today as the humble t-shirt. Unisex and wearable for a very wide range of occasions, they can also be surprisingly affordable giveaway items. Plus, they make amazing ways to keep your company front of mind for attendees receiving a free shirt, and also offer additional brand-building opportunities when worn around the venue and long after the conference has ended!



Whether we’re talking about ceramic coffee and tea mugs, or plastic travel mugs, there’s no denying the power of these items as giveaways. They’re popular, durable, and can easily be branded to help keep your company at the forefront of recipients’ minds. Go as basic or as in-depth as you want in terms of custom design – choose from an incredible range of colours, shapes, styles, and more to fit your brand’s personality and culture.



We live in the Digital Age, and mice are the preferred input device for most people, whether they’re using a PC or a laptop. Even some tablet computers can now use mice. That means that mousepads are in high demand. They also work very well as giveaway items. They’re highly visible in an office or home setting, plus every time the recipient looks at the mousepad, they’ll remember your business. Add your logo, a fun design, your company’s name, phone number, website address and more with ease.



If you’ll be attending a conference or trade show, your booth visitors will be carrying swag from other booths. Give them a way to carry all that stuff with ease – custom promotional bags help make people’s lives easier, and when they’re branded with your logo and company name, they also keep you at the forefront of their minds while providing additional branding opportunities simply by being carried around in public.


These are just some of the top conference giveaway items. There are tons of other options. Stress balls, USB drives, sunglasses, insulated cooler bags, keyrings – the selection is virtually endless. However, make sure that whatever giveaway items you choose appeal across a wide range of demographics, can be fully branded with your company name and/or logo, and are affordable.

Reads Print and Stationery

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