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The time has come – the culmination of years of hard work in the world of academics. It's almost time to submit your thesis. However, before doing that, you must print and bind it, which can be costly. Thankfully, there are ways that you can cut down on the cost while still getting the high-quality, professionally printed, and bound output you need to meet University requirements.


Know Your Binding Requirements: Before ordering thesis printing and binding, make sure you know what your University's requirements are. Some require specific types of covers, while others require you to go a particular route with the binding, paper grade, and more. If your first print run doesn't meet with these requirements, you'll have to pay to have it reprinted and rebound.


Double-Check Everything: Yes, we know, you've spent an immense amount of time working on your thesis already, and you probably want to be done with it. Spending a little more time now will help ensure that you get the right production value in the end, though. Take the time to proof read the thesis, and have others help out, too. Make sure that it's formatted correctly, that your page numbers are right, and that you've included all the required sections, including a table of contents, introduction, and conclusion.


Use Colour Judiciously: Colour can make specific elements of your thesis stand out. That may be particularly important with certain types of information presented in graph or chart form. Images may also have more impact in colour. However, understand that colour printing is  more expensive than black and white, so you’ll want to be judicious when it comes to colour within your thesis at printing time, and follow the guidelines required.ReadsDirect are the lowest price for thesis printing so you will save money


If you’re ready to move forward with professional printing and binding, get in touch. We can also offer additional information about making printing and binding more affordable.

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