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Brand building is vital for all businesses. Events and conferences give you the means to get your brand in front of potential clients and customers, but you need a way to ensure that when they walk away from your booth, they remember you. That’s where giveaway promotional products come in.

From t-shirts to mousepads, these items offer value to the user, and the branding ensures that you’re able to keep your company at the forefront of their minds, often while benefiting from additional advertising when the item is used in public. However, many promotional products are not particularly kind to the environment. It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to do their part in defending the planet, so how do we choose environmentally-friendly giveaway products?

Look at the Materials

The first step to choosing environmentally-friendly giveaway products is this – choose based on material. Look for a promotional product supplier that can offer you access to products made with the following materials:

·      Bamboo – Bamboo is perhaps the single most renewable resource on the planet. It is dense and wood-like, but because it is a grass, it grows very quickly. It can be harvested and regrown in a very short time. In addition, it’s capable of being used in all types of promotional products, from picture frames to computer keyboards. You can even deconstruct bamboo fibres and weave them into cloth, meaning that you can use this material to create t-shirts and other fabric-based items, too.

·      Recycled Paper – While trees are technically a renewable resource, they take decades to reach a harvestable size. In the meantime, paper waste is everywhere. Items made from recycled paper help to reduce our waste stream, as well as the demand for raw resources. Look for notebooks that use recycled paper, as well as things like calendars, and more.

·      Recycled Plastic – Plastic is one of the most useful materials in existence. It’s also an incredible polluter, from plastic waste in the oceans to the emissions created through manufacturing. You can do your part to help reduce this impact by choosing promotional giveaway items made with a high percentage of recycled plastic. It can be pre- or post-consumer use, too. The most important thing is that this plastic is taken out of the waste stream and repurposed.


Consider Product Type

In addition to specific materials, you can also help protect the planet by using specific types of promotional giveaway items. Some of the greenest options you can choose include the following:

·      Reusable Bags – Single-use plastic bags are one of the largest contributors to plastic waste and pollution, and you can help to offset that by offering reusable bags. These can be made from canvas, but nylon bags last longer and require less water to produce, reducing their carbon footprint.

·      Reusable Water Bottles – Single-use plastic water bottles are everywhere, and they’re enormously problematic for the planet. Using reusable water bottles as promotional giveaway items ensures that you’re able to give your audience a greener solution that still allows them to stay hydrated.

·      Reusable Straws – The move to ban plastic straws is in full force, but people still need a way to drink from their cups, Glass, metal, and silicone straws make excellent giveaways that show your commitment to protecting the environment, but also offer a lot of benefits for your audience.


Ultimately, you can have a successful event or tradeshow, use promotional giveaway items to build your brand, and still protect the environment. The trick is knowing the right materials for item manufacture, and the right types of items to appeal to your audience while helping to green up the planet.

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